Booking Conditions

This page was last modified on 21 December 2023

By travelling on an HDL railtour or buying a ticket to do so, you are deemed to be accepting these Booking Conditions as well as our Code of Conduct. These exist purely to explain the extent of our financial liability to you.

Our train is maintained to a high standard but it is made up of heritage vehicles, whose components can very occasionally fail without warning. We are also subject to sudden line closures due to engineering works, infrastructure failures and extreme weather, as well as strike action by railway staff.

In the event that we have to cancel or curtail a tour due to these causes or due to other factors beyond our control, we will inform you of this and of the reasons for it as soon as we possibly can. We will then refund your fare in full, in the case of a cancellation, or an appropriate part of the fare in the event of a curtailment.

We cannot however be responsible for consequential losses such as loss of enjoyment, hotel accommodation or taxi fares resulting from a cancellation or curtailment. Our maximum liability should we have to cancel or curtail a tour shall be limited to the fare paid plus reasonable public transport costs for your return home should we be unable to return you to the station at which you joined the train.

Hastings Diesels Limited
8 December 2023