HDL Mid-Hants Venturer railtour
A through excursion to the Watercress Line

Sunday 17 July 2005

This page was last modified on Monday 18 July 2005

This page refers to a railtour which has now taken place. All information is left here for interest only! A news article has been created which contains photos of the tour.


A special summer Sunday excursion will see our unique Hastings DEMU run through to the Alresford terminus of the Mid-Hants Railway (the Watercress Line); this gives an opportunity for a pleasant day out in one of the quieter and more pleasant parts of Hampshire, and something ‘that bit special’ for the enthusiasts.

From Hastings we travel via Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Bromley South, picking up at the stations shown below. We then run via the Linford Street viaduct — usually only traversed by Eurostar trains — to reach Waterloo main-line station. This point would be convenient for those from the London area (and further afield) wishing to joining the outing. Next we head straight down the South Western main line via Surbiton and Woking. Continuing via Aldershot and Farnham, we reach the National Railways boundary at Alton, and continue onto Mid-Hants Railway metals to run right through to the final terminus at Alresford.

There will then be the whole afternoon to enjoy rides on the Watercress Line’s steam trains; also, the railway’s annual bus rally will be taking place at Alton, with free bus rides on offer through the surrounding Hampshire countryside.

Our return journey will commence at Alresford (or the train may be joined at Alton); we will retrace our steps, running via Waterloo main line station to set down.


These are the final timings as received from Network Rail.

Hastings platform 3, depart 0800
Battle 0814
Etchingham 0826
Tunbridge Wells 0844
Tonbridge platform 2 0856
Sevenoaks platform 2 0909
Bromley South platform 2 0930
Waterloo (main-line) platform 14, depart 1016
Alton arrives 1142
Alresford (Mid-Hants Rly) approx 1240
Alresford (Mid-Hants Rly) approx depart 1620
Alton depart 1752
Waterloo (main-line) arrive 1924
Bromley South 1952
Sevenoaks 2010
Tonbridge 2021
Tunbridge Wells 2033
Etchingham 2052
Battle 2107
Hastings arrive 2121


Fares for return travel on the entire trip

All these fares cover only travel on our train.

Club Class

Travel at a seat with a table, with refreshments provided throughout the trip plus a meal with wine on the way home. Seating is likely to be in a DEMU trailer coach; payment of the additional £5 supplement assures travel in Tunbridge Wells power car. Owing to the shorter duration of the journey, Club Class is not available from Waterloo.

Power Cars

A £5 supplement should be added to individual (not bay) fares for travel in power cars (both Club and Standard classes). Capacity is limited.


Our train includes a Buffet Car; a selection of hot & cold snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day at reasonable prices. There will also be a trolley service.


Smoking is not permitted in any part of our train.

Latest information: Friday 15 July 2005

Seats are still available in all sections.


Bookings by post have now closed. At this late stage, please contact us online, or (preferably) by telephoning […] to receive advice and instructions for any late bookings. Alternatively, turn up on the day and report to the buffet car.


Bookings have now closed and the railtour has taken place.