This page and contents last changed on Sunday 19 May 2024

Saturday 8 June 2024: HDL Lincolnshire Poacher railtour to Skegness

Our third railtour of 2024 is to the Lincolnshire seaside resort of Skegness. Finalised timings for this 452-mile trip are given below. The leaflet contains further details.

Standard Class fares seat in trailer coach (C/D) £89
bay of 4 seats in trailer coach (C/D) £340
seat in motor coach (E) £96
First Class fares seat in trailer coach (B) £112
seat in motor coach (A) £119

Route and Timings

Finalised timings have been published. Compared to our original leaflet, departures on the Hastings Line are 22 to 36 minutes earlier, with return times likewise; Bromley South pickup is 33 minutes earlier than previously shown while set-down is 56 minutes earlier; and Kensington (Olympia) pickup is 45 minutes earlier but set-down is a full hour earlier. We have more time at both Boston and at Skegness than we had dared to hope for.

Our published route is via a reversal at Sleaford in both directions; on the outward journey we’ll reach the East Coast Main Line via Harringay, and we’ll use the Werrington Dive-Under; on the return we don’t of course use the Dive-Under, and we will be routed via Copenhagen Tunnel and the North London Incline to Camden Road.

The leaflet has been updated to show the finalised timings. To avoid any confusion, please ensure that you check these finalised timings prior to arranging your itinerary.


Fares, timings, further details and booking-instructions may be found in the leaflet; please check our Seat Availability Guide before making your booking. We support paperless booking, so please use it if you can.

Update: Sunday 19 May 2024

This railtour is selling quite quickly. Finalised timings have just been issued, and the leaflet has been updated to show these.

Please check our Seat Availability Guide for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding seats that are available for booking on this railtour.

Terms & Conditions

Tickets are sold subject to our Code of Conduct and Booking Conditions. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Smoking or vaping are not permitted anywhere on our train, and e-scooters may not be brought onto the train under any circumstances. Bicycles cannot be carried, except folding bicycles with prior approval. Please consult our Accessibility Policy.

Plans for future railtours

Thank you for supporting our railtours in 2023 and beyond.

Details of, and booking-instructions for, our future railtours will appear here when they are available; when that happens, those on our emailing list & our followers on Twitter will receive notifcation.

Possible dates for your diary (updated 10 May 2024)

These outline plans are unavoidably subject to cancellation, modification or change of date (except where stated to the contrary), until a trip is properly advertised.

No bookings or reservations will be accepted for any outing shown in this panel, unless you have received a letter or email from HDL pre-advertising a particular trip. This is to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to make bookings.

Further information and resources

Code of Conduct

It is a condition of holding a ticket for any outing on our train that passengers abide by the letter and spirit of our Code of Conduct (updated May 2023).

Leaning out of windows

We continue to endeavour to keep our passengers safe by not allowing them to lean out of our train’s windows. This notice (updated January 2021) contains further information.

Booking Conditions

By travelling on an HDL railtour or buying a ticket to do so, you are deemed to be accepting our Booking Conditions as well as our Code of Conduct.

Accessibility Policy

HDL’s 1950s-built train may pose difficulties to certain classes of user: our Accessibility Policy describes what these are and how they may affect users.

Folding bicycles

It may be possible for you to bring your folding bicycle on the Hastings DEMU, with prior written approval; our guidelines on carriage of folding bikes will help you to determine your bike’s suitability for carriage.

Railtour Archive

We can recommend a dip into the HDL Railtour archive, which contains details of all the previous “days out” which HDL has operated to date; you may also find interesting our YouTube Channel which contains 32 cab-ride videos featuring outings during 2016–18.