Making payments to HDL

This webpage was created on 9 June 2019.
The banking details on it have stayed the same since then.
This webpage was last updated/confirmed on 20 July 2021.

HDL’s bank account details

This webpage at contains the definitive version of HDL’s bank account details.

To make an online payment (bank transfer) to HDL, or to set up a Standing Order, most users will need just our Sort code and Account number; those overseas might need more data; all are shown in the panel below.


When filling in the Reference field, please enter your email address or as much of it as will fit.

Alternatively if you are making a payment or setting up a Standing Order for the purchase of Shares, please use the Share Purchase number (of the format “S/P 000”) which we have given you.

Fraud prevention

We have no current plans to change our bank account. If we should decide to do so, any such change and the new data would be shown here. We would never give you a change of banking details in an email: instead, we would advise you to refer to this webpage.

Please always refer back to this webpage for confirmation of HDL’s current & correct bank account details.

We mention this because email is generally not a secure means of communication, and you might receive fraudulent emails which appear to have come from HDL.