1001 On Tour

Since regaining main-line certification in 1996, unit 1001 has travelled to many parts of England and Wales; a full history of the train’s railtour-workings has now been prepared. This page provides a pictorial record of the train in a variety of locations—and on a variety of duties—some of them a long way from home.

This page was last modified on 15 November 2011

External link

Martin Loader’s Hondawanderer.com: Class 201-203 contains several excellent photographs of our preserved train out & about, and of Hastings DEMUs of old.

7-car train on a test run

[PHOTO: DEMU cresting hill at speed: 74kB]

This magnificent photograph shows 1001 cresting a local summit at Frant on the way to Tunbridge Wells during a test run. This was on 9 April 2004, the day before HDL’s Salisbury Bunny railtour. Photo by Neil Bays.

1001 passing Micheldever

[PHOTO: train passing station: 58kB]

The six cars of 1001 rumble through Micheldever on the return leg of the Andy Piper & Grant Tryon Memorial Train, which ran via Reading to Bournemouth and Poole on Sunday 7 August 2011. This view may conjure up memories for some of the days when “Hampshire” DEMUs plied the Reading – Basingstoke – Portsmouth route (as well as the erstwhile Winchester – Alresford service). Photo by Colin Scott-Morton.

1001 in the snow

[PHOTO: train on snowy tracks: 78kB]

Our DEMU, in its 3-carriage formation, approaches Ham Street station with a train from Ashford to Hastings; the snowy weather was on Thursday 24 February 2005. Photo by Barrie Swann.

The South Devon railtour

[PHOTO: DEMU roaring through Basingstoke: 44kB]

The preserved Hastings DEMU thunders through Basingstoke on its way to Dawlish and Buckfastleigh, at 10:20 on 9 May 1998; motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells is leading. Photo by Richard Griffin.

Black & White photographs

These rare black & white views of 1001 “on tour” were processed and printed by their photographers. To save downloading time, these images are ‘thumbnails’: each is a link to the full-size photograph.

The Crewe & Chester railtour
Photos courtesy of Rupert Griffin

[PHOTO: Bustling view of platform under canopy: 23kB]

The second public railtour that the restored unit worked was on 17 August 1996, to Crewe and Chester; it coincided with the Crewe Works open day. Above: the unit upon arrival at Crewe; Below: at Lichfield Trent Valley during a photo-stop on the return journey.

[PHOTO: Semi-aerial view from Cross-City platform on bridge: 28kB]

The North Norfolk railtour
Photos courtesy of Adrian Vaughan

[PHOTO: Cromer platform and box, with trains: 14kB]

Above: At the seaside town of Cromer, the Hastings unit is stabled at one platform as a sprinter service approaches the signal-box. Fully mechanical semaphore signalling was in operation at that time (19th June 1999), and the “bobby” is waiting to exchange single-line tokens with the driver.

[PHOTO: Train passing through attractive station: 21kB]

Above: Between Cromer and Sheringham is the picturesque halt of West Runton; 1001 passes through on its way back to Cromer.

[PHOTO: Crossing-keeper, train in middle distance: 19kB]

Above: At Sloley Lane Level Crossing near Worstead on the outward journey, crossing-keeper Judy throws back the lever to unbolt the gates as the unit recedes into the distance.

1001 at Cromer again!

[PHOTO: 2 trains at quiet station: 54kB]

Above: Over ten years since the photos above showing our train at Cromer, it was seen there again in the afternoon of 14 November 2009. During UK_Railtours’s Sheringham Crabber railtour, 1001 was stabled at Cromer prior to its return journey. Motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells looks on as Sprinter 156 422 leaves Cromer for Norwich in the afternoon of 14 November 2009. Photo by Andy Armitage.