Dave Markwick

This article was opened on 31 January 2018

It is our sad task to mourning the passing of our friend and colleague, Dave Markwick.

Dave lived locally; in the early 1980s before HDL was even conceived, he was known to other future HDL members through a shared interest in the railways; he and his father would go on BR rail excursions. Little did we know that we would go on to work with him for so long!

For 32 years he played an active role at HDL and at St. Leonards Depot, from the earliest days of our preservation efforts right up to his final day.

Dave was an electrical engineer by training and a skilled machinist, and was prepared to turn his hand to any task. Whether it was a mechanical engineering job such as making up brackets and mountings for electrical conduits during the conversion of BIG buffet car 69337, or serving passengers at the counter of that same buffet car, he always gave his all.

We will miss his practical abilities, and his unique sense of humour: even in the face of adversity he had a knack of remaining positive, which in turn would help to pull colleagues along and see more clearly the way to overcome whatever difficulty was being experienced.

Thank you Dave for your support and friendship down the years.


[PHOTO: Dave Markwick: 52kB]

Dave liked to get fully into his serving role at the buffet counter, and will doubtless be remembered in this way by the many railtour-goers he served.

[PHOTO: Dave Markwick: 52kB]