1001’s motor coaches visit Three Bridges depot

This article was opened on 7 April 2018

On Monday 10 August 2015, 1001’s motor coaches 60116 Mountfield & 60118 Tunbridge Wells were coupled back-to-back and worked to Three Bridges for a week of shunting Class 700 trains within the new Thameslink depot there, in which the conductor-rail had not yet been engergised. Our motor coaches returned to St. Leonards on Friday 14 August.

The actual timings of our motor-coaches’ outward and return journeys have been saved.

[PHOTO: Train in depot: 44kB]

Above & below: Motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells, coupled to a Class 700 unit with the Dellner coupling-adaptor that we have for our train, is seen inside the depot buildings. Photos by Stuart White.

[PHOTO: Train in depot: 40kB]

[PHOTO: Train in depot yard: 52kB]

Above & below: Our motor coaches were used within the depot as motive power for gauging and acceptance runs for the Class 700 units then being introduced onto the Thameslink system; both photos by Stuart White. The lower image shows our motor coaches accelerating within the depot as they are repositioned for another move.

[PHOTO: Trains in depot yard: 52kB]

[PHOTO: Train departing depot: 48kB]

Above & below: At 16:23hrs on Friday 14 August 2015, John Atkinson was on hand at Three Bridges station to capture these views of our pair of motor coaches departing the eponymous depot as they embarked on their return journey to St. Leonards Depot via Redhill, Tonbridge and Hastings.

[PHOTO: Train accelerating through platform: 48kB]