1001 visits Slade Green depot

Saturday 14 September 2013

This article was opened on Tuesday 17 September 2013

[PHOTO: Train in depot building: 62kB]

Above: Friends and family of staff at Slade Green depot visit motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells. All photos on this page by Andy Armitage.

An invitation

Southeastern invited our DEMU to Slade Green depot, in connection with its open day for family and friends of its staff. We were proud to be able to attend, and were the sole representative of the ‘Heritage’ sector. We would like to extend our thanks to Southeastern for this opportunity.

The open day at Slade Green depot was not open to the general public; for this reason, no prior mention was made on this website of our attendance.

The journey

The following video footage was filmed during the journey to Slade Green, from an unattended camera in the cab:

YouTube: 5Z60 Chelsfield – Slade Green Depot via Lee Spur

The timings from TRUST show our progress compared the the timetable, and demonstrate some spirited running on the return leg in particular.


[PHOTO: Depot building interior: 67kB]

Above: Various demonstrations of the depot’s infrastructure were laid on for the visitors, including the illustrated use of the travelling crane, and a derailing/rerailing exercise of a bogie-truck, among others.

[PHOTO: Train in depot building: 68kB]

Above: Staff spruced up our train for the event, involving the usual washing and polishing inside and out. As it would be inspected from below rail-level, the rails being raised as seen, the underframe areas of the train were also pressure-washed. Two bespoke headboards were made for the occasion by Andy Armitage.

Further reading

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