Test run to Tonbridge

Thursday 27 June 2013

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[PHOTO: Train at junction: 69kB]

Above: In an echo of a photo from 1985, 1001 is seen traversing Tonbridge East Junction as it leaves the Hastings Line, whose substandard tunnels gave rise to the Hastings DEMUs. Photo by Steve Hatcher.

As our train had not moved beyond the confines of St. Leonards Depot since December 2012 (see the DEMU diary for details), and with our upcoming Weymouth Envoy railtour drawing near, a test run was arranged for the current 6-coach formation of 1001 (60118-60501-69337-70262-60529-60116).

Departing the depot at 1150, it worked to Hastings station to reverse, and then up to Tonbridge West Yard where it laid over until 1350 for its return to the depot via the same route.

The cab-cam video and those photos not otherwise credited on this page were all taken by Andy Armitage, who rode with the train to provide technical support coverage; the test concluded with no issues encountered.

Cab video footage

The following video footage filmed from the cab is available on YouTube:

Tonbridge Yard to Hastings 5Y67


[PHOTO: Trains in yard: 49kB]

Above: Motor coach 60116 Mountfield poses alongside Class 73 electro-diesel locomotives, including 73 119 Borough of Eastleigh at Tonbridge West Yard, whilst laying over between the outward and return portions of this test run.

[PHOTO: Trains in yard: 46kB]

Above & below: Our train meets fellow English Electric-equipped locos in the yard at Tonbridge.

[PHOTO: Train in yard: 35kB]

[PHOTO: Train approaching: 60kB]

Above & below: As 1001 returned towards Hastings, she passed High Brooms at 1410hrs—and the very capable camera of Steve Hatcher once more.

[PHOTO: Train passing station: 54kB]

[PHOTO: Train in station: 48kB]

Above: Motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells at the west end of our train as it reverses in platform 2 at Hastings station, nearing the conclusion of the run. The South Coast Express headboard is just for our amusement, though it did disappoint a Brighton-bound passenger who would evidently have liked to travel in the refined comfort of our train!