Buckeye Lower Shelf Brackets

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[PHOTO: Detail of front of train: 54kB]

Above: The front of motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells, showing the Buckeye Lower Shelf Bracket installed on the lower edge of the buckeye coupler.

In order to continue operating our preserved train on the Main Line railway network beyond March 2013, our exemption from Regulation 4 of the Railway Safety Regulations 1999, which prohibited the use of Mark I rolling-stock, required renewal: this has now been issued. One condition of this was that we fitted Lower Shelf Brackets to the buckeye couplers, both at the outer ends of our train and at the couplings between vehicles.

All the active vehicles in our fleet have been so fitted.

The Buckeye Lower Shelf Bracket is an additional piece of metal fitted to the lower edge of an existing buckeye coupling; its purpose is to provide additional resistance to vertical disengagement (RSSB).

In other words, it is to prevent two coupled vehicles from becoming uncoupled as a result of the couplers moving vertically with respect to one another. Restraining the vehicles from vertical movement also reduces the risk of telescoping in a collision, by transferring forces to the structural frames of adjacent vehicles.

Photographs on this page are by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: Coupling on end of railway vehicle: 46kB]

Above & below: The Lower Shelf Brackets on our 4-BIG buffet car, and on short-underframe trailer 60501, respectively. 60501 had been taken outside (with 60118) and shunted elsewhere to make room under the crane-bay for an unrelated job on 19 June 2012.

[PHOTO: Coupling on end of railway vehicle: 48kB]

[PHOTO: Detail of train and coupling: 32kB]

Above & below: On a different occasion, short-underframe DEMU trailer 60501 and the adjacent vehicle, 69337 the ex-BIG buffet-car, show their Lower Shelf Brackets which are primed with Red Lead Oxide paint.

[PHOTO: Close-up of Buckeye Lower Shelf Brackets: 47kB]

[PHOTO: Detail of front of train: 39kB]

Above: Motor Coach 60116 Mountfield also is seen sporting its Lower Shelf Bracket.