Rail liveries as art

This article was created on 17 February 2012

Three rail liveries carried by British Rail passenger stock have been adopted as art in a project by student Daniel Dowling.

Dowling, who is studying Fine Art at the Hastings campus of the University of Brighton, visited St. Leonards depot by special arrangement on 11 January 2012; also present were three ladies who modelled three dresses carrying the livery designs.

[PHOTO: Young lady in green dress: 36kB]

Above: BR Southern Green livery, modelled in motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells, originally of unit 1013.

[PHOTO: Young lady in NSE-coloured dress: 55kB]

Above: Network SouthEast livery, modelled in buffet car 69337 which originated with 4-BIG unit 2210.

[PHOTO: 2 young ladies in railway-livery dresses: 54kB]

Above: Network SouthEast and BR Southern Green liveries, modelled in the buffet car and adjacent DEMU trailer car.

[PHOTO: Two railway-livery dresses modelled: 56kB]

Above: “1066 Electric” was the name under which the Hastings Line service was relaunched following the completion of electrification from Tonbridge to Hastings in 1986 (see history page); the livery accompanying this was the BR London & South Eastern sector’s “Jaffa Cake” scheme, which was worn by the fleet of 4-CEPs that replaced the DEMUs. The Jaffa Cake livery is seen alongside that of Network SouthEast, appropriately modelled in our 4-CEP trailer 70262 which previously came from unit 1524.