Andy Piper Memorial Railtour

Sunday 8 August 2010

This article was closed on 22 August 2010

Our train was privately chartered today for the Andy Piper Memorial Railtour from Hastings to Waterloo, Bournemouth and Poole, in conjunction with Network Rail and GB Railfreight. Although the trip was originally arranged primarily for friends, family and collegaues of Andy Piper, it was open to all; profits went to charity.

Unit 1001 was formed as a 6-car train; there was some sustained running at the full line speed for our train of 75mph, and the trip was often early and never more than 3 minutes late.

Video from the cab

By kind permission of the Operator, HDL’s Andy Armitage arranged to fit an unattended forward-facing video-camera in the leading cab on both halves of the trip. It was left recording until it ran out of battery-power.

The resulting footage has been placed on YouTube and can be viewed via the links below.


The Scheduled Timings for the outing have been provided.