Pre-railtour test run to Tonbridge

Wednesday 17 March 2010

This article was created and closed on Thursday 18 March 2010

[PHOTO: Train in yard: 53kB]

Above: Our train in Tonbridge West Yard. Beside it is seen a trainload of fresh ballast, for a forthcoming track-renewal project.

CEP trailer 70262 returns to the main line

This test run to Tonbridge, in preparation for Saturday’s Solent Sentinel railtour, was also the first main-line run for our ex 4-CEP trailer 70262 since August 2005 when our train was stopped for the fitting of Central Door Locking.

The CEP-coach, which passed its Ultrasonic Axle Test on 4 November 2009, has also been repainted.

The test run was successful, with no abnormalities detected with the operation or condition of any vehicle.

The train was formed thus:

60116 Mountfield – 60529 – 70262 – 69337 – 60501 – 60118 Tunbridge Wells ⇒ leading outbound to Tonbridge.


St Leonards 09+50
Ore 10/10
Appledore 10/43
Ashford 10/59
Headcorn 11/12
Padoock Wood 11/21
Tonbridge West Yard 11.36

Tonbridge West Yard 12+35
Paddock Wood 12/50
Cranmore Loop 13.02 - 13.26
Ashford 13/46
Rye 14/18
Ore 14/39
Hastings 14/46
St Leonards 14.53


All photos on this page are by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: Train in station: 60kB]

Above: Motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells leads at Ore station, as the six-coach train awaits clearance of the single line to Rye.

[PHOTO: Trains in large yard: 55kB]

Above: Our DEMU pauses in Tonbridge Yard, where a class 73 and a snowplough are among the other inhabitants.

[PHOTO: Trains in yard: 54kB]

Above: Motor coach 60116 Mountfield brings up the east end of the train in Tonbridge Yard. Alongside is Network Rail de-icing car 68505, formerly the Driving Motor Luggage Van of a Class 489 Gatwick Express unit.

[PHOTO: Train in goods-loop: 60kB]

Above: Our train awaits its path out of Cranmore Down goods loop, west of Headcorn.