Driver-Training Run

Tuesday 10 November 2009

This article was written and closed on Sunday 15 November 2009

Our train, Hastings DEMU no.1001, was used for a driver-training run in the middle part of this day. Planned timings for the trip are available.

Our train was routed into Hastings station to reverse, after which it ran via Tonbridge (reverse), Ashford International, Dover Priory, Deal, Minster East Junction (reverse), Canterbury West, Ashford International (reverse), Rye, Hastings, and back to St. Leonards Depot. The reversal at Minster East Junction produced an even number of reversals, thus ensuring that the train returned home the same way round as it left.

Unit 1001 was formed thus: [leading to Tonbridge] 60116 Mountfield-60529-69337-60501-60118 Tunbridge Wells [leading to Dover and Minster East Jn].


Andy Armitage was riding with the train to provide technical back-up and to assess the train’s behaviour and performance; he shot the following video from the back cab on leaving Rye:

The train accelerates away past the windmill, and Rye town disappears in the background as 1001 heads for Winchelsea.

The camera was resting on the cab window-ledge, and engine-vibration causes some picture ‘wobble’ as engine speed increases.

This video provides a fascinating insight into the view from, and noise in, a DEMU cab. At 2:13, just as the cab passes the AWS magnet and the Whistle board, notice how the engine-note dips briefly as additional load is applied to the generator by Traction Motor Field Weakening.


The following photos were taken by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: Trains at station with canopy: 70kB]

Above: 1001 was routed via the Down platform (no.2) at Tunbridge Wells, where it waited to follow the 1053 Tunbridge Wells to Tonbridge service. Headcode 22 has been put up as a nod to the old days when the DEMUs plied this route which was headcode 22.

[PHOTO: Train at station platform: 50kB]

Above: After running via Folkestone, Dover, Deal and Canterbury West, we see the rear of the train at Ashford International just as the traincrew are changing ends.

[PHOTO: Train at platform: 69kB]

Waiting at Appledore (Above): 1001 was booked to await the passage of the 1230 Brighton – Ashford International service which, in the form of DMMU 171730 (Below) clears the single line from Rye as 1001 awaits the signal.

[PHOTO: Trains about to pass at station: 66kB]