HDL Christmas Onward Tour
In conjunction with The Remembrance Line Association Ltd

Sunday 21 December 2008

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[PHOTO: Train approaching across viaduct over harbour: 52kB]

Above: Our DEMU returns across the viaduct to Folkestone Harbour station, after its “shuttle” trip up the hill to Folkestone East sidings; it then ran to London Victoria and Hastings. Photo by Alan Crotty.

This was 1001’s first public railtour for nearly 3½ years, following the fitting of Central Door Locking to our train.

The DEMU was formed thus: 60118-60501-69337-60529-60116, with 60118 Tunbridge Wells leading away from Hastings up to London Victoria.

The timings given for the trip turned out to be well within the capabilities of our train, and so we ran early in many places — sometimes by as much as 30 minutes.

Video footage

Many enthusiasts and well-wishers turned out to see our train — thank you all! — and there is some video footage of the trip on YouTube.


[PHOTO: Train in station: 47kB]

Above: Our train awaits departure from Hastings station, platform 3, for the start of the railtour to Folkestone via London Victoria. The specially-prepared headboard is in place, but the driver has not yet opened up his cab. Photo by Don Benn.

[PHOTO: Train in station platform: 38kB]

Above: Motor coach 60116 Mountfield brings up the rear of the train at Hastings station. Some of the modifications for Central Door Locking are visible in this view (the small illuminated “Doors Unlocked” lamp by the open door, and the slightly larger door-lock mechanism) but they are quite unobtrusive. Photo by Don Benn.

[PHOTO: View from footbridge of train in station: 42kB]

Above: Our train awaits departure-time and the closing of the level crossing at Battle station. The wholly-visible vehicle nearest the camera is long-underframe Second Open trailer 60529. Photo by Don Benn.

[PHOTO: Train in station-trainshed: 45kB]

Above: Our DEMU, formed of 5 carriages, proudly displays its headboard whilst awaiting departure from London Victoria station for Folkestone harbour. Photo by Don Benn.

[PHOTO: Train in trainshed-roofed station: 54kB]

Above & below: 1001 arrived at London Victoria some 25 minutes early, giving those already on the tour plenty of time to stretch their legs and take photographs. These ones by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: Train at buffers in trainshed-roofed station: 41kB]

[PHOTO: Train at curved station: 34kB]

Above & below: The sharply-curved platforms at Folkestone Harbour station, where the railtour was met by a delegation from The Remembrance Line Association. One of the original station nameboards had been brought out and place on the opposite platform, which was a nice touch. Photos by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: Train at curved station with old signage: 21kB]

[PHOTO: Train at platform: 29kB]

Above & below: Further views of our train at Folkestone Harbour, by Andy Armitage. The train was also full to capacity for a special shuttle up the branch to Folkestone East Sidings and back. As the weather was fine, there were no problems with railhead contamination and so no wheelslip on the steep gradient.

[PHOTO: Train and station-nameboard: 24kB]