Staff charter to Bournemouth

Saturday 28 June 2008

This article was opened on Saturday 28 June 2008,
and closed on Monday 30 June 2008.

[PHOTO: Train on embankment in sunshine: 44kB]

Above: Our DEMU, in its 5-carriage formation, is seen passing Worting Junction near Basingstoke. This was its first passenger-carrying outing for nearly 3 years. The inclined track leading from Battledown flyover can be seen at left. Photo by Christopher Wilson.

1001 operated its first passenger-carrying outing for nearly 3 years, when it undertook a Private Charter for staff of TOC GBRf on Saturday 28 June 2008. Our train was being operated by WCRC.

Our train was formed thus: 60118-60501-69337-60529-60116. The 5-car formation on this occasion, including the “BIG” Buffet Car 69337, reflected the total number of vehicles which had been fitted with Central Door Locking.

This outing was not open to the general public, but was well-patronised by the members of staff for whom it was laid on.

Timings for the outing are available (in PDF format or as plain text); our train kept to them closely throughout the day, and ended up back at Hastings 12 minutes early.

[PHOTO: Train approaching over summit and beneath bridge: 44kB]

Above & below: A striking view of 1001 cresting a local summit, and then passing through Frant station. Photos by Tom Waghorn, who also took video footage and posted it on YouTube: outbound and return journeys.

[PHOTO: Train passing station: 47kB]

[PHOTO: Train on bridge over river: 36kB]

Above: Crossing the River Thames at Staines on the outward journey.

[PHOTO: Train approaching in cutting: 102kB]

Above & below: Motor coach 60116 Mountfield leads our DEMU westwards towards Bournemouth; at this location shortly after Hinton Admiral station, the line passes beneath the A35 on the aesthetically-pleasing skew bridge seen here. Photos by Peter Milford.

[PHOTO: Train approaching in cutting: 96kB]

[PHOTO: Train receding round curve: 86kB]

Above: Motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells brings up the rear as the train passes from Hinton Admiral towards Christchurch. Photo by Peter Milford.

[PHOTO: Train in station with overall roof: 55kB]

Above: Our train as seen upon arrival beneath the restored overall-roof at Bournemouth station. Photo by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: Train at platform: 35kB]

Above: Reversing via the Up platform at Branksome, to enter Bournemouth Depot; Below: 1001 in Bournemouth Depot’s covered roads, built on part of the line to the Somerset & Dorset Railways’s disused terminus at Bournemouth West. Photos by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: Train in depot shed: 35kB]

[PHOTO: Train approaching on straight track: 54kB]

Above & below: The return portion of the trip passes Sway. Photos by Peter Milford.

[PHOTO: Train approaching on straight track: 49kB]

[PHOTO: Train in curved station platform: 56kB]

Above & below: The outing returning through Staines.

[PHOTO: Train in curved station platform: 47kB]

[PHOTO: Train approaching under dusky sky: 34kB]

Above: Approaching Clapham Junction under a midsummer’s-evening sky, at eight minutes to nine. Photo by John Keohane.

[PHOTO: Train and station: 54kB]

Above & below: Motor Coach Mountfield bringing up the rear of the train at Clapham Junction, platform 3. Photos by John Keohane.

[PHOTO: Train at platform: 44kB]