Ex-4TC driving trailer 76275

This article was opened on Saturday 3 February 2007, and closed on Wednesday 31 October 2007;
Subsequent additions written on 3 August 2013 and 8 April 2018.

Update, 8 April 2018

A news item dated 16 May 2017 on The Swanage TC Group website confirms that DTSO 76275 was overhauled by St. Leonards Railway Engineering Ltd, was purchased by the Swanage TC Group, and was delivered by road to Norden on 15 May 2017.

Previous update, 3 August 2013

A news item dated 27 July 2013 on The Swanage TC Group website announces that St. Leonards Railway Engineering has agreed that this vehicle was to be loaned indefinitely to The Swanage TC Group, to form part of their Unit 413.


[PHOTO: ex-4TC vehicle cab front quarter-view: 19kB]

Driving Trailer car 76275 was originally part of a 4TC unit number 404, built in the mid-1960s; after becoming surplus in the early 1990s, this carriage was used to replace an accident-damaged 4-VEP Driving Trailer. 76265 ran as part of 4-VEP electric unit 3582 until the end of slam-door operations at Ramsgate depot.

This vehicle retains its deep-cushioned seats, sliding ventilators, wooden panelling, and bare tungsten light-bulbs. It is fitted with TPWS, and is operationally compatible with the DEMUs.

It has been acquired by St. Leonards Railway Engineering Limited, with a view to possible future use by HDL as part of a DEMU-powered train.

Arrival at St. Leonards Depot

[PHOTO: ex-4TC vehicle between class 73 locos: 43kB]

Driving Trailer car 76275 arrived at St. Leonards Depot on Friday 2 February 2007. It was topped & tailed by GB Railfreight’s ex-Gatwick-Express Class 73 electro-diesel locos 73209 and 73205. Photo by Rosemary Gainsbury.

Further views of 76275

[PHOTO: inner end of ex-4TC vehicle in yard: 49kB]

Above: In the yard at St. Leonards Depot.

[PHOTO: interior ex-4TC vehicle: 47kB]

Above: Interior view of 76276, featuring the wooden-framed screens, bare bulbs and comfy seats.

[PHOTO: driver’s desk: 45kB]

Above: At the driver’s desk. To the left is the Loudaphone intercom and the AWS “sunflower”, as well as the DRA. Photos by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: driver’s desk: 41kB]

Another view of the driver’s desk, showing the master selector and five-position master controller to the right, and the brake valve to the left.

The brake valve differs from that found on most SR stock of the same period (such as our own DEMUs): instead of having both EP and Auto brake control within different arcs of the same valve-handle, a changeover switch is provided so that the same arc operates one brake or the other.