HDL Mid-Hants Venturer railtour

Sunday 17 July 2005

This article was closed on Saturday 23 July 2005

[PHOTO: Mid-Hants Venturer headboard: 31kB]

HDL’s Mid-Hants Venturer railtour to the Mid-Hants Railway (Watercress Line) was run with our train in its 7-car formation. The tour’s itinerary and timings are available. Timekeeping and loadings were good, and the buffet car did a roaring trade — with fish & chips reported to be a particular delicacy on this trip!

The train was formed thus: 60000+60118-60501-BIG-CEP-60529-60116.

Motor coach Hastings was not in passenger use, as is standard practice with this formation, as it has no gangway connection to the rest of the train (and thus no toilets, apart from other considerations). The train was not turned round on this outing.

[PHOTO: train pulling into station: 66kB]

Above: The yellow end of our third motor coach shows up well in this view of the railtour arriving at Tunbridge Wells. Photo by Gary Mewis.

[PHOTO: our train alongside modern electric at the buffers: 75kB]

Motor coach Mountfield has just led the railtour into Waterloo Mainline, where it rubs shoulders with a Desiro train bound for Portsmouth Harbour. Photograph by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: our train in sunny trainshed at terminus: 91kB]

Sunlight bathes the trainshed at the former LSWR’s terminus, as motor coach Hastings’s cab is opened up for the run to Alresford. Photograph by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: train at preserved station: 79kB]

The railtour upon arrival at Alresford, at the far end of the Watercress Line. Photo by Gary Mewis.

[PHOTO: train shunting on preserved railway: 72kB]

1001 is seen “running round” via the headshunt at Alresford station. Beyond the trains in the photograph is the end of the preserved line; the last 8 miles via Itchen Abbas to Winchester Junction remains abandoned. Photograph by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: our train at Alton: 89kB]

This fine study shows the railtour at Alton station in the middle platform, where it has just left the Mid-Hants Railway (the Watercress Line), and is about to set off on the return leg of the trip via Waterloo mainline and Bromley South to Hastings. Photograph by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: train at station: 58kB]

When the railtour called at Tunbridge Wells on the way home, it was crossed over onto the Up side; this is a fairly common occurrence with passenger trains there at quiet times, obviating the need for passengers to use the footbridge to leave by the main exit. Photo by Gary Mewis.