HDL Lincoln Green railtour

Saturday 7 May 2005

This article last modified on Monday 15 September 2008

[PHOTO: headboard for Lincoln Green railtour: 41kB]

This railtour was run with our train in 7-car formation (6 cars, plus motor coach Hastings tagged on the front and not in passenger use). The tour’s itinerary and timings are available. It was virtually sold out and, despite tight timings on the East Coast Main Line, kept almost exactly to time throughout.

[PHOTO: headboard for Lincoln Green railtour: 45kB]

The all-yellow front of motor coach Mountfield shows off the headboard which has just been created. Photo by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: side-on view of 3 DEMU fronts: 39kB]

This line-up of three DEMU fronts, all in different liveries, occurred by chance during cleaning on the day before the railtour. Nearest the camera is Hastings-liveried motor coach 60116 from unit 1012, then Southern-liveried Driving Trailer from unit 205 012 (being scrapped at the time of writing), and a Network Rail-liveried de-icing/Sandite motor coach. Photo by Rupert Griffin.

[PHOTO: train arriving at station: 68kB]

An early start for these passengers: the train pulls in to Battle station at a little before a quarter to seven. Photo by Rupert Griffin.

[PHOTO: train arriving at station: 70kB]

Above & Below: The railtour arriving at Lincoln station at 12 o’clock noon. Photos by Martin Barnsdall.

[PHOTO: train arriving at station: 59kB]

[PHOTO: front of train at station: 60kB]

Motor coach Hastings with the railtour on arrival at Lincoln station. Photo by Martin Barnsdall.

[PHOTO: Lincoln station with semaphore signals and train: 73kB]

Lincoln’s signal-box and semaphores can be seen in this view, as can our train which had just departed in the direction of Barnetby. Photo by Rupert Griffin.

[PHOTO: train in sidings: 53kB]

The train was worked further north to Barnetby, to take water and stable during the afternoon. Photo by Paul Gainsbury.

[PHOTO: front view of train shunting through station: 78kB]

Above & Below: Following stabling, the train had to be shunted back through Lincoln station to regain the same platform as for arrival — for the return route was to be via Newark. Photos by Martin Barnsdall.

[PHOTO: rear view of train shunting through station: 88kB]

[PHOTO: Lincoln station with signal-box, semaphore signals and train: 75kB]

The signal-box and semaphores frame the ornate station, complete with DEMU. This photo was taken from the level crossing, by Rupert Griffin.

[PHOTO: telephoto view of train in station: 68kB]

As the departure time of 1650 approaches, 1001 boards its passengers for the long journey back to Hastings by way of Nottingham and Bedford. Photo by Rupert Griffin.

[PHOTO: train passing through station: 67kB]

The Lincoln Green passes through Attenborough, south of Nottingham. Photo by Stuart Wood.