HDL Lydd Ranger railtour

Sunday 13 March 2005

This article last modified on Friday 15 April 2005

[PHOTO: headboard for Lydd Ranger railtour: 36kB]

The headboard which was carried by our DEMU on this day. It carries an additional embellishment to commemorate the retirement of Tonbridge driver Michael “Mac” Macmillan, who drove 1001 for much of our railtour. It was his last day at work: what a way to bow out! Photo by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: train arriving at station: 42kB]

This fine view of the railtour arriving at Tunbridge Wells station evokes memories of the “blue-and-grey livery” days, and to when this station’s name carried the suffix “Central”. Photo by Mike Hearn.

[PHOTO: train and driver at disused station: 69kB]

Above: The railtour called at Lydd Town disused station on the closed branch from Appledore to Dungeness.
Below: Retiring Driver Macmillan is presented with a retirement cake in the buffet car, courtesy of HDL! Photos by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: driver with a retirement cake: 62kB]

[PHOTO: lineside view of train: 92kB]

This fine view of our train was taken at the far end of the Lydd branch, at the boundary with the Dungeness power-station site. Photo courtesy of David Staines.