1001 assists in wintry weather

This article was created on 10 March 2005

[PHOTO: train leaving depot in snow-shower: 59kB]

Four cars (60118-60000-60529-60116) of our DEMU are seen shunting out of St. Leonards Depot at about 0835 on the Wednesday morning. Photo by Andy Armitage.

On Wednesday 2 March 2005, 1001 was strengthened to a 4-car unit by the addition of motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells at its east end; this was also fitted with the Dellner coupling adapter, which allows it to couple up to modern stocks that use that system. It departed for Eastbourne at approximately 0835, where it was on standby if required to assist any electric trains adversely affected by the snow and icy weather. It returned to depot at 1210, Tunbridge Wells was removed (and also therefore the Dellner adapter), in time for the usual 3-car unit to form the 1324 departure from Hastings to Ashford on Diagram 901.

[PHOTO: train leaving depot in snow-shower: 54kB]

The train proceeds out across the main line to reverse on its way to Eastbourne. Photo by Andy Armitage.

On Thursday 3 March 2005, 1001 was again sent to Eastbourne, early in the morning, to stand by for use if required; it returned to Hastings in time to work its full day on the Ashford–Hastings line.

[PHOTO: close-up of Dellner coupling-adapter: 38kB]

A closer view of the Dellner coupling-adapter that was fitted to the buckeye coupler of motor coach 60118 Tunbridge Wells. Photo by Mike Pannell.