Major engine overhaul for 60118 Tunbridge Wells completed

This article was closed on 19 April 2004

Following HDL’s Medway Cracker tour in December 2003, a major overhaul of 60118’s power unit was undertaken ‘to programme’. Amongst the engine parts replaced were piston rings, bearing shells, small-end bearings and one piston.

Sister motor-coach 60000 deputised when the need arose; although as-yet unrepainted, she faced the right way for easy substitution.

60118’s engine was reassembled and run up on static test, prior to a test run on the main line on the afternoon of Friday 9 April 2004 which involved all 7 cars of unit 1001. The following day, Tunbridge Wells was used “in anger” on HDL’s Salisbury Bunny railtour. In the week following the tour, it has had some minor adjustments and tuning as a matter of course.

[PHOTO: cylinder-head on work-bench in depot: 84kB]

One of the four cylinder heads from Tunbridge Wells, seen during the overhaul work. Photo by Rupert Griffin.