HDL Salisbury Bunny railtour

Saturday 10 April 2004

This article originates from April 2004

[PHOTO: train passing through little station: 78kB]

Unit 1001 runs through Mortimer station, between Basingstoke and Reading, on the return leg of HDL’s Salisbury Bunny railtour on 10 April 2004. Photo courtesy of J. King.

On the afternoon of Friday 9 April 2004, a test run from St Leonards to Tunbridge Wells and back was conducted using the seven-car formation of 1001; the following day, it operated HDL’s Salisbury Bunny railtour. The unit performed well and kept within the timetable.

[PHOTO: The Salisbury Bunny headboard]

[PHOTO: train with headboard negotiates junction: 88kB]

Our DEMU is seen leaving the Petersfield line at Havant, on its way to Salisbury via Netley, Southampton and Romsey. Photo by Mike Cook.

[PHOTO: train on quadruple-track section with freight yard in background: 111kB]

Above & Below: The railtour passes the freight and dock yards at Millbrook, shortly before turning inland at Redbridge. Photos © Andrew Cameron.

[PHOTO: train on quadruple-track section with docks in background: 106kB]

[PHOTO: green train parked in bay platform: 89kB]

The 7-car DEMU was parked up in Salisbury’s bay platform for 5½ hours whilst her passengers spent the afternoon looking round the city. Photo by Rupert Griffin.

[PHOTO: train receding beneath brick-arch bridge: 93kB]

The rear of unit 1001 recedes beneath the bridge at Mortimer station. Photo courtesy of J. King.