Rescue mission to Eastbourne

This article was closed on 25 January 2004

On the morning of Thursday 15 January 2004, South Central DEMU 207 017 required assistance at Eastbourne; motor coach 60116 Mountfield, and Network Rail’s deicing trailer plus motor coach ADB977939 were sent to fetch ’017. Following battery-charging, 207 017 was able to enter service with the 1324 departure from Hastings for Ashford (diagram 903).

[PHOTO: nearby train in station platform: 87kB]

Motor Coach 60116 Mountfield brings up the rear of a temporary de-icing train at Eastbourne station, on 15 January. It will shortly pull forward to the sidings to collect 207 017 from the sidings and transfer it to St. Leonards. Photo by Andy Armitage.