1001 used on HDL’s AGM day

This article was closed on 14 December 2003

[PHOTO: wide view of train, platform and station area: 87kB]

Ashford International station saw our DEMU on a Saturday recently, when it worked specially for the AGM day; the traincrew changes ends in preparation for the 1424 departure for Hastings. Photo by Rupert Griffin.

[PHOTO: long view of train in countryside: 123kB]

Although the Ashford-Hastings line has been singled over the middle section, double track remains in use towards both ends. 1001 is seen north of Ham Street station near the village of Ruckinge with the 1224 to Hastings; it is just commencing the 1 in 100 descent of “Ham Street Bank”. Photo by Pat.

Saturday 15 November 2003 was the date of the company’s AGM, which was held in Three Oaks and open to shareholders. For the latter’s edification it was arranged with South Central that unit 1001 would operate Diagram 902 of the Ashford & Hastings service for the day—a rare opportunity for a weekend working. 1001 included our centre trailer 60529 which at the time was part-way through being repainted.

[PHOTO: close view of front coach of train in platform: 84kB]

The full-yellow warning end of ‘new’ motor coach 60116 Mountfield is seen to advantage at Ashford International station on the AGM day. Photo by Rupert Griffin.