Rescue missions

This article originates from 27 October 2003

[PHOTO: wide shot of train accelerating towards viewer: 86kB]

A pair of HDL motor coaches back-to-back has gone on two different “rescue” missions during October 2003. On Monday 6 they were sent out in the afternoon for use as a locomotive to remove a train which had hit a horse-box on a level crossing at Hampden Park, near Eastbourne (no major injuries, motor coaches not required as it turned out). On Wednesday 15 they went up to Selhurst, returning on Friday 17 top-and-tailing South Central’s 207 203 which was coming to St. Leonards depot for attention. In both cases, the motor coaches used were 60116 Mountfield and 60118 Tunbridge Wells.

Above and below is a pair of photos showing the departure of the two motor coaches (with 60116 Mountfield leading) for Hampden Park on the first of the missions; the train had just shunted out of St. Leonards depot. Photos by Andy Armitage.

[PHOTO: shot of train accelerating past viewer: 73kB]