HDL Deal Wayfarer railtour

Saturday 5 July 2003

This article was closed on 24 August 2003

[PHOTO: wide view of train and platform, sunny and with blue sky: 74kB]

Motor coach 60000 Hastings brings up the rear of our 7-coach train in Hastings station at the start of the Deal Wayfarer railtour.

On Saturday 5 July, unit 1001 successfully operated our HDL Deal Wayfarer railtour; on that tour the 7-car train got “turned round”. Following the tour it was re-marshalled as a 3-car train and taken through the washing plant, then reverting to permanent standby for the Ashford & Hastings service.

[PHOTO: long view of train in picturesque station under dappled sunlight: 70kB]

The Deal Wayfarer railtour pauses at Battle station on the way to Tonbridge.