General News Report digest for December 2002

This article originates from December 2002

1001’s non-passenger work

On Wednesday 16 October 2002, 1001 fetched South Central DEMU 205 028 from Eastbourne, bringing it to St. Leonards depot for a power-unit change. ‘Berkshire’ unit no. 28 was to receive another of South Central’s power-units that has been overhauled in-house. 1001 then returned the same day to Eastbourne where it was outstabled for a time (and worked one return trip to Ashford International as noted elsewhere) before being returned to St. Leonards depot. (8 Dec 2002)

1001 on Ashford – Hastings – Eastbourne services

South Central used 1001 for their Ashford – Hastings – Eastbourne service on several days in September and October 2002:

As was usual for this particular work, 1001 was running as a 3-car unit with the formation 60000-60529-60118. (8 Dec 2002)


The Railtrack Sandite DEMU comprises two former Berkshire-unit motor coaches (from units 1127 and 1131) with a converted trailer car (ex refurbished 205 101) in the middle. Its 10-week spell of nightly Sandite-laying duties began on Sunday 20 October. The DEMU has been based at St. Leonards depot for the duration of this year’s leaf-fall season. If one of the motor coaches develops a defect, ours might be substituted if available. Hastings and Tunbridge Wells have been equipped with the extra controls in the cab to enable them to operate in the Sandite train; Mountfield has not had these fitted but may do so shortly. [This now seems unlikely. –Editor] (8 Dec 2002)