HDL Cambridge Cracker railtour

Saturday 7 December 2002

This article was closed on 9 January 2003

HDL operated a successful railtour from Hastings to Cambridge on the above date, running in both directions via the North London Line, Temple Mills and Bishop’s Stortford. The train ran in 7-car formation, with newly-restored motor-coach 60116 Mountfield making its comeback to passenger use on the main line since withdrawal in 1986.

[PHOTO: Mountfield power-car in middle of train formation: 78kB]

60116 Mountfield, with its smart full-yellow warning end, is seen in the train formation at Cambridge platform 3 on arrival. Motor coach Hastings was put outside the 6-car formation on the end of the train—we were unable to arrange for the train to be “turned” prior to the railtour, and chose to have Mountfield in passenger use at the expense of it being on full view at one end of the train.

[PHOTO: Seven-car DEMU in carriage sheds by night: 87kB]

Beforehand, the seven cars of unit 1001 were taken across to the EMU sheds at St. Leonards depot on the evening of Wednesday 4 December 2002 to have the water tanks filled in preparation for the railtour. The train is seen here, with Mountfield near the far end, prior to returning to its home part of the complex.