General News Report digest for September 2002

This article originates from September 2002


Over the weekend of 14/15 September 2002, the motor coaches of 1001 were sent to Selhurst to collect collect three vehicles: Railtrack’s ex-DEMU Sandite trailer and two cars from 205 205. The Sandite car was being positioned ready for its annual stint, while the Motor Coach & Driving Trailer of South Central unit 205 205 were brought to the depot for a power-unit change. It received a power unit which has been overhauled in-house at St. Leonards. (30 Sep 2002)

Power unit overhaul

Motor coach 60000 Hastings’s power unit has had a scheduled intermediate-level overhaul. The work includes removal of cylinder heads and pistons for inspection, cleaning, and the replacement of wearing parts as required. The overhaul was completed in August 2002, with 60000 having run in traffic since. (30 Sep 2002)


TPWS is to be fitted to Mountfield, which would be the first DEMU vehicle to be thus equipped. (29 Sep 2002)