HDL Cardiff Chieftain railtour

Saturday 31 August 2002

This article was closed on 8 September 2002

1001 operated our Cardiff Chieftain railtour as a six-car train on Saturday 31 August, with fine timekeeping throughout in spite of Mountfield not being present to boost the power-to-weight ratio.

[PHOTO: Six-car DEMU approaching Didcot at speed: 58kB]

1001 approaches Didcot at speed on the ‘Up’ Great Western main line, with Tunbridge Wells leading. Photo courtesy of J. King.

[PHOTO: front car of DEMU in grassy depot yard: 56kB]

Tunbridge Wells motor coach is seen a few hours earlier in Cardiff’s Canton depot on layover half-way through the railtour, alongside an EWS class 37 loco. Photo by Mike Pannell.