1001 on Hastings – Charing Cross services

This article originates from Wednesday 15 May 2002

Owing to a shortage of rolling stock, unit 1001 (as a full six-car train) was on loan to Connex for use on the Hastings to London route. This began on Monday 4 February 2002, and ceased on Wednesday 20 March 2002 owing to an administrative difficulty; although this was subsequently resolved, no further services were operated on that route.

The usual pattern of operation saw the unit allocated to the following journeys:

Mondays to Fridays only

[PHOTO: awaiting departure: 45kB]

Above: 1001 stands in platform 4 at Hastings station, awaiting departure for London on the morning of Monday 4 February 2002. Photo by Mike Pannell.

[PHOTO: Green train pulling into elegant station: 51kB]

1001 arrives at St. Leonards Warrior Square. Photo by Steve Hewitt.