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Compiled on Saturday 26 March 2005

1 April 2004 to 31 December 2004

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1001’s workings over Network Rail metals since Thursday 1 April 2004
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Friday 2 April 2004 A 1001 was at work again today, on its semi-regular haunt of two round trips to Ashford, diagram 903 between 1012 and 1522. This was to cover for 205205 (originally Hampshire 3H unit 1111) which was receiving TPWS modifications.
Friday 9 April 2004 S The full seven cars of unit 1001 were sent out in the late afternoon for a test run up to Tunbridge Wells. The purpose of this test was twofold: one, a dynamic load-test for the freshly-reassembled engine in motor coach Tunbridge Wells; and two, a systems and sequence test for the seven-car train in advance of the railtour tomorrow.
Saturday 10 April 2004 R 1001 operated HDL’s Salisbury Bunny railtour today. The seven-car train was formed thus: 60116-60529-CEP-BIG-60501-60118-60000, with the latter end facing Salisbury. With 60118 being the Club Class vehicle as usual, 60000 Hastings was present not as passenger accommodation (no gangway connections between units!) but as extra motive power.
Monday 26
Tuesday 27 April 2004
A 1001, with motor coaches Mountfield (Hastings end) and Tunbridge Wells (Ashford end), was sent out on diagram 903 from 1012 on Monday. This was due to 205205 being required for spare cover at Selhurst. 1001 continued with 903 on Tuesday, until 1210 when it got swapped onto 901 due to a fuel pump fault on 205001. It then finished service at 1935, and the ECS run to Selhurst at 1937 was in effect diverted to run to St. Leonards depot instead.
Saturday 1 May 2004 R All seven cars of 1001 operated a railtour to Cheltenham, run by Invicta Tours. The tour began at Hastings and ran via Rye, Ashford, Tonbridge, Redhill, Sandhurst, Reading, Didcot, Swindon, and Worcester Shrub Hill. Return was by the same route.
Wednesday 5
Thursday 6 May 2004
A With 205028 stopped at Selhurst for a head-gasket change, 1001 worked its favourite 903 diagram all day Wednesday and Thursday. It returned from Eastbourne to depot in multiple with a South Central unit on Friday morning’s ECS path from the same diagram. Motor coaches Mountfield and Hastings were used on this and subsequent “3-car” formations until stated otherwise.
Saturday 8 May 2004 R All seven cars of 1001 were hired for an outing operated by the Branch Line Society. Called the London & Kent railtour, it ran from Hastings via Tonbridge, Redhill and East Croydon to London Victoria; it then traversed various “rare” locations in south London, including Blackfriars Carriage Road, before a layover at London Bridge. Returning to Kent via Redhill, it went along the Royal Mail Siding at Tonbridge, the Cranmore Down Loop, Dollands Moor Yard to G Neck (rev) and the Canterbury Down Goods Loop. It made a second journey to London Victoria via Ramsgate and Chatham, and retired to Hastings as per the start.
Monday 10 May 2004 A An entry broadly similar to the previous “Ashford Line” one—1001 went out on diagram 903 from 1012 until the close of traffic, and returned to the depot from Eastbourne the following morning.
Tuesday 1 June 2004 A 1001 was used for the whole day on 975 diagram of the newly-renamed Southern’s service over the Ashford & Hastings line.
Monday 7 June 2004 A With 205205 having a water-leak fixed early this morning, unit 1001 covered 974 diagram from 0602 until 1025.
Wednesday 9 June 2004 A 1001 operated the whole of 975 diagram (1000-2230), due to non-availability of rolling-stock. Motor coaches Mountfield and Tunbridge Wells were used on this and subsequent “3-car” formations until stated otherwise.
Friday 11 June 2004 A The 3-car 1001 unit worked diagram 975 all day, due to 205001 being required at Selhurst for an exam.
Saturday 12 June 2004 A Owing to 170721 failing, 1001 is out this evening on Saturday 975 diagram for one round trip, 1900-2125.
Monday 14 June 2004 A To provide cover whilst 170721’s defect was fixed and a test run (out of service) carried out, 1001 worked 975 diagram from 1000 to 1522.
Tuesday 15 June 2004 S The 3-car unit was called over to Eastbourne in the evening to assist an EMU which had become “gapped”.
Wednesday 16 June 2004 S 1001 left the depot at about 0950 and travelled to Eastbourne, to collect 205032 which was coming to the depot for engine repairs.
Thursday 17 June 2004 A With 170724 was receiving attention at St. Leonards Depot, 1001 operated the first part (1000-1522) of diagram 975.
Tuesday 22
Wednesday 23 June 2004
A 1001 worked 974 diagram from 1100 on Tuesday 22 until 1025 on Wednesday 23 June, to cover for 205001 which had a defective door.
Sunday 27 June 2004 R Four cars of 1001 (Mountfield, Tunbridge Wells, 60501, BIG buffet car) went to Maidstone for a Tug-of-war event, followed by a fast return trip to London Victoria.
Monday 28 June
Monday 5 July 2004
A 1001 spent all week operating diagram 975 (and 975-Saturdays) on The Marsh; it was not required on the Sunday. This was to cover for the non-availability of class 170 units which, as with most new machinery, have been having some teething problems. All but the first trip used 60529 as the centre carriage; prior to that, 60501 was in the formation from the previous day’s tug-of-war outing. When 1001 came in for fuel at 1522 on Tuesday 29th, it was reformed with 60000 Hastings in place of 60118 Tunbridge Wells, as Hastings had been repaired.
Friday 9 July
Saturday 10 July 2004
A Our three-car unit was out on The Marsh on Friday evening to cover the peak-hour semi-fast trip, the 1806 to Ashford and back which is the final part of diagram 973. On Saturday it worked the quiet 975-Saturdays diagram.
Monday 12
Wednesday 14 July 2004
A Diagram 975 was covered by 1001 for all of these three days, prior to the arrival of serviceable Class 170 stock from Selhurst depot in time for traffic on Thursday morning.
Saturday 17 July 2004 A 1001 came out for the rear part (1900-2135) of diagram 975-Saturdays, after a Class 170 unit suffered a radio fault.
Monday 19 July 2004 A Owing to the same defect (see previous entry) awaiting rectification, 1001 worked diagram 975 from the start until 1525 today, by which time the radio had been repaired and 170722 returned to traffic.
Wednesday 21 July 2004 S Demonstrating its versatility, 1001 was on a special mission this afternoon. It delivered cleaning supplies to South Eastern’s carriage-washer, which is close to the site of the disused St. Leonards West Marina station (between the depot and Bopeep Junction). The carriage washer has no road access, and deliveries are usually required quarterly.
Wednesday 21
Saturday 24 July 2004
A Further problems were experienced with 170722’s radio on Wednesday, so 1001 covered the final part (1806 semi-fast Ashford to Hastings return) of 973 diagram; with the 170 needing to be sent to Selhurst on Thursday, our 3-car unit (still formed as 60116-60529-60000) was out all day Thursday on diagram 975; on Friday it began with 974 until 1310 (arr Hastings) when it switched to 975 and worked the 1324 to Ashford, and the remainder of that diagram. On Saturday it was allocated to the ‘short’ 975-Saturdays diagram.
Monday 26 July 2004 A 1001 worked diagram 975 all day today.
Saturday 31 July 2004 A A Class 170 was kept back this morning to undergo a routine exam; 1001 covered the first trip (0800-1025) of diagram 975-Saturdays. It then covered the other trip (1900-2135) for a 170 whose air-conditioning had failed.
Wednesday 18 August 2004 A A long spell of 100% Class-170 coverage on the Ashford–Hastings line came to an end this evening when 1001 was used on the last rounder of diagram 973 (1806-2005), when 170724 had a defective cab radio.
Thursday 19 August 2004 A 1001 worked the first part of this morning’s 975 diagram (1000-1522), to provide The Real Thing for the practical handling side of some Eastbourne drivers’ DEMU-training.
Monday 23
Tuesday 24 August 2004
A Further driver-training opportunites were created on these days, by running 1001 on Monday’s diagram 975 (first part, 1000-1522); and Tuesday’s diagram 973 (last part, 1200-2005).
Friday 27 August 2004 A 1001 was out on diagram 975 all day today, due to unit 170721 not being sent from Selhurst the previous evening, as it had an earth fault.
Wednesday 1
Saturday 4 September 2004
A 1001 is running all day on diagram 975 on Wednesday 1 and Friday 3 September, and also 975-Saturdays on Saturday 4th. This is due to routine exams being carried out on class 170 units at Selhurst.
Monday 13 September 2004 A 1001 covered diagram 975 all day today, because 170726 struck debris the previous evening and required repairs.
Wednesday 15
Thursday 16 September 2004
A Diagram 975 was to have been operated by unit 1001 throughout both of these two days; however on Wednesday afternoon it encountered some minor difficulties. Accordingly, after arriving at the depot at 1512 it stayed there, and the fault was put right in time for Thursday’s working which went ahead as planned.
Saturday 25 September 2004 R Seven cars of 1001 operated HDL’s Suffolk Clipper railtour; the train was full and the tour ran according to plan. Motor coach Hastings was added to the Tunbridge Wells end of the train to provide non-passenger-carrying extra tractive effort; the train got turned in the course of the railtour (so Hastings motor coach faces towards the town of Hastings, as seen from the depot, while the other two face towards Bexhill).
Monday 27
Wednesday 29 September 2004
A Three cars (60000-60529-60116, this end facing west) of 1001 operated diagram 975, to facilitate driver training on both of these two days. On Monday it operated the whole diagram, on Wednesday only the first part (1000-1522) was run by our Thumper.
Friday 1
Saturday 2 October 2004

1001 was to have covered 975/975-Saturdays Ashford-line diagrams on these two days. In the event, it missed one return trip at 1624 on Friday—as the driver was not passed for DEMU-driving—so a class 170 unit was “stepped up”.

On Saturday it began 975-Saturdays diagram as planned, but at 1010 after its first round trip it was switched to 974-Saturdays for three round trips. This was to cover for 170723 which had an oil leak; that unit was fixed in time for it to take over its own duty from 1624, so 1001 returned to depot. Our unit was then not required for the last trip of its intended diagram, as 170724 had been fixed by then as well.

Monday 4
Tuesday 5 October 2004
A Our DEMU covered all of diagram 975 on Monday, covering for 170726 which had suffered an AWS fault. It also operated the first part (1000-1522) of Tuesday’s service, before the Class 170 was fixed and took over in time for the 1624 departure to Ashford.
Saturday 16 October 2004 R All seven cars of our DEMU worked a railtour for Invicta Tours; it ran from Hastings, via Ashford, Tonbridge and Guildford to Bishop’s Lydeard on the West Somerset Railway.
Thursday 21
Friday 22 October 2004

1001 covered the first part (1000-1522) of diagram 975 on Thursday, on behalf of a Class 170 unit that required maintenance. It should have run on the same diagram all day Friday but, due to non-availability of Class 170s and a signalling failure between Hastings and Rye, it actually worked a mixture of diagrams 973 and 974, as follows:

  • 0613 Hastings to Rye (974)
  • 0703 Rye to Hastings, Hastings to Ashford (973)
  • 0924 dep Ashford, on 974 until 1713 arr Hastings
  • 1806 Hastings semi-fast to Ashford and return (973)
Saturday 13 November 2004 R All seven cars of 1001 operated HDL’s London Tripper and Hastings Time Traveller excursions. A news round-up with photographs has been created.
Tuesday 16
Sunday 28 November 2004

The 3-car version of 1001 worked Diagram 975 from Tuesday 16 to Friday 19, and 975-Saturdays on Saturday 20. Unusually it has also worked on a Sunday (21st) on Diagram 974-Sundays.

It continued with the usual 975 for the following week (Monday 22 to Friday 26), except that on Wednesday 24 it was “stepped up” to Diagram 973 between 1220 and 1610 to cover for a defective radio on 170726, returning to 975 afterwards. It also worked 975-Saturdays on Saturday 27. Sunday 28 was its day of rest, as it had accumulated enough miles to require various ‘exams’.

These workings were covered by 1001 in order to facilitate a modification-programme on the Class 170 units (which are becoming class 171).

Monday 29 November
Saturday 4 December 2004
A 1001 worked Diagram 975, and latterly Diagram 975-Saturdays, for all of this week.
Monday 6
Saturday 11 December 2004
A Apart from only working in the morning (first stint) of Thursday, our 3-car 1001 was out on Diagram 975 and Diagram 975-Saturdays for the whole of this week; the workings towards the end of the week arose following the last-minute cancellation of HDL’s railtour to Bath and Bristol.
Monday 13
Saturday 18 December 2004
A Our three-car unit kicked off the new timetables from Monday morning thus: Same Diagram, Different Name—Diagram 901. It worked thus all week, including 901-Saturdays on Saturday. However, on both Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15, at 1615 our train swapped onto diagram 973 until the close of traffic.
Monday 20
Friday 24 December 2004
A This week saw 1001 in use on diagram 901. On Wednesday 22 it started and finished on 901, but was borrowed for diagram 973 from 1215 until 1615 (two ‘rounders’); on Christmas Eve the final journey (2122 Ashford to Hastings) ran Empty as per Southern’s plans.
Wednesday 29 December 2004
Saturday 1 January 2005
A With Saturday timetables in operation during this week, 1001 was operating diagram 901-Saturdays on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday; on Friday (New Year’s Eve) however, it instead worked diagram 972-Saturdays, to allow a Class 171 unit to receive a maintenance exam in the long layover that features in 901-Saturdays. 1001 continued in service right to the end of 972-Saturdays (last train of 2004, the 2224 from Ashford).
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