DEMU Diary

Re-compiled on Monday 15 November 2004

10 March 2003 to 31 March 2004

The diary entries on this page refer only to the Ashford–Hastings workings.

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1001’s workings over Network Rail metals from
Monday 10 March 2003
Wednesday 31 March 2004
Tuesday 11 March 2003
Friday 14 March 2003
A This was Mountfield’s first use in normal passenger service since restoration. 1001 worked its regular haunt, diagram 3, for most or all of these days. It returned to St. Leonards on Friday night for normal maintenance. NB: Unless otherwise stated and until further notice, unit 1001 was a 3-car train formed 60118-60529-60116.
Tuesday 18 March 2003
Friday 21 March 2003
A 1001 saw more use on Diagram 2 this week. After Friday’s workings it returned to St. Leonards depot, and would subsequently be “stopped” for the fitting of TPWS.
Wednesday 28 May 2003 A 1001 returned to operation with developed TPWS now also installed on Tunbridge Wells. Worked part of diagram 903, the 1024 from Hastings, but was then swapped onto 901 for the 1224 from Hastings) and for the rest of the day.
Tuesday 17 June 2003 A Operated on 903 all day. The plan had been to swap back upon returning to St. Leonards at 15:25, but depot staff were still working on the South Central unit so 1001 continued for the rest of the day, being swapped back the following morning.
Friday 20 June 2003 A 1001 covered for routine maintenance on a South Central DEMU, doing the first couple of trips (1024 and 1324 off Hastings) of diagram 903.
Monday 23 June 2003 A Our 3-car was sent out from the depot at 1012 and just worked the 1024 to Ashford return, before being swapped and coming back to the depot.
Tuesday 24 June 2003 A On diagram 903 all day, returning to St. Leonards the following morning after spending the night at Eastbourne as per the diagram.
Friday 25 July 2003 A 1001 deputised for one of the South Central DEMUs, doing the first couple of trips (1024 and 1324 off Hastings) of diagram 903.
Monday 18 August 2003 A Our unit worked Diagram 903 from 1012, being sent back out after the fuel trip at 1525 to work through the evening peak.
Saturday 15 November 2003 A In connection with the company’s AGM at Three Oaks, it was arranged that 1001 would be operating today for the general amusement of shareholders. It was used on diagram 902, a rare opportunity for the unit to be seen working the line at a weekend. 1001 featured trailer car 60529 of which part had been repainted, the remainder still carrying the older top-coat.
Wednesday 28 January 2004 A Mountfield and Hastings motor coaches from unit 1001 went out twice today: first on a (non-passenger!) de-icing run in the small hours, and then (with centre trailer 60529) working the Ashford-Hastings line as follows:
  • Diagram 903 from 1012 until 1615;
  • returning to Hastings station, then 1639 into Park Sidings;
  • Diagram 901 from 1756 (dep Park Sidings) until 1935;
  • 1937 empty Hastings to St. Leonards depot.
Tuesday 17
Friday 27 February 2004
A Unit 1001 (formed with motor coach Hastings instead of Tunbridge Wells) went out on the 1024 Hastings to Ashford on Tuesday 17 February, and remained in service on Diagram 903 until close of traffic on Friday 20; on Saturday it worked Saturdays 902 diagram, and spent Sunday 22 February in the depot receiving routine mainenance and cleaning. It returned to service on the usual 903 all week, except that during Friday’s duties it got changed about due to another unit requiring attention; that day it began on 903, got swapped onto 902 at 1524, arriving at Hastings at 2113 and then running empty to depot.
Sunday 7
Monday 8 March 2004
A Unusually, 1001 (formed with motor coach Hastings instead of Tunbridge Wells) came out to work on a Sunday; it operated one of the two available diagrams, Sundays 901, entering service at Hastings with the 1420 to Ashford and continuing to the close of traffic (2233 arr Eastbourne). It returned to St. Leonards depot on the 2312 ECS to Selhurst path which was suitably re-routed. Unit 1001 was out again on its more usual 903 diagram the next day, Monday, between 1012 and 1522. By that time the defects in the other units had been addressed and so the sets were swapped back.
Tuesday 23
Wednesday 24 March 2004
A 1001 (formed with motor coach Hastings instead of Tunbridge Wells) covered for 205205 on Tuesday morning, working diagram 903 from 1012 to 1522. With 207017 currently stopped at Selhurst following an engine failure at Crowborough and 205009 having a Number 4 exam at St. Leonards depot, our unit came out again to work the same diagram all day. Although it stabled at Eastbourne as per the diagram, it was not required for passenger service on Thursday so it ran to St. Leonards depot with the ECS move at the start of diagram 903, in multiple with 207202 which went on to form the 1024 service to Ashford International.
Tuesday 30 March 2004 A The unit was out for two round trips to Ashford in the middle of the day, covering for South Central’s Oxted unit 207202 on diagram 903 between 1012 and 1522.
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