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Contact HDL

This page was confirmed correct on 10 June 2018

To contact Hastings Diesels with comments or questions on any relevant subject, please send email to the address below:

[TEXT IN IMAGE]: The address you should use is this:
<YYYY [at] hastingsdiesels [dot] co [dot] uk>
where YYYY is this year's value; no spaces, of course.

Thank you. We endeavour to respond appropriately to email in a reasonable time-frame.

Emailing list

If you would like to receive an occasional email flagging-up newly added railtour information, please write to us as above; we would be pleased to add you to our emailing list.

The emailing list is operated via Google Groups as it became rather large for traditional email-servers to cope with. However it is still operated as an emailing list. It is no longer (March 2018) possible for users to add themselves to the list via Google Groups, as doing so was resulting in non-delivery of emails unless we intervened: please email us with your request instead.

While we do also operate a postal mailing list, this costs us a considerable amount of time and money; so we urge you to partake of the emailing list instead—you receive the same information plus timely updates, and it reduces our bills and the workload for our volunteers.

We will never pass on nor sell your details to any third parties.

Twitter @HastingsDiesels

As an alternative to the emailing list, you could instead receive notifications of new material by following us on Twitter: @HastingsDiesels.


Any photograph or other material sent to us is deemed to be a submission unless marked “not for publication”. By making a submission you retain the copyright of the material but hereby permit us to use it or a modified form on this website and/or on our Twitter feed and/or in promotional materials.

Whilst we take the Copyright of material published on this website very seriously, we cannot be held responsible for infringements by third parties.